Category: Feiras

FATACIL - Craft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry fair of Lagoa was born in 1980, with the 1st Regional Fair of Lagoa, considered a pioneering initiative in the level of business events in the Algarve, in a period in which Tourism began to be the main economic engine of the region, favored by the location of the City of Lagoa in the Algarve coastline, along its main road axis, factors that contributed to the immediate success and rapid growth of FATACIL, which has been considered since the late 1980s as the largest fair of economic activities of the South of Portugal.

FATACIL assumes itself as an indisputable platform for the creation and realization of Algarve summer business, for the promotion and commercialization of brands, products and services of exhibiting companies and sponsors of the fair, with residents and domestic and foreign tourists on vacation in the Algarve.