Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila

Category: Monumentos

Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila will have once (probably between the 1st and 3rd century) a rustic Villa, surrounded by fertile fields, composed of several Roman baths and mosaics and supplied with water from a dam built about 2 km of the territory of Ossonoba.
Water was an element of great importance in this town, and even its location favored the use of maritime resources and the traffic of goods, hence the existence of a port, there were also spouts and a pond in the garden, from which the whole house was developing.
In the Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila there are still vestiges of the reception room, the rooms, the kitchen, the service areas of servants and slaves, which included a cryptoporticum.
These Ruins constitute an important testimony to the understanding and knowledge of the importance of the presence of the Romans in the Algarve, and for a greater perception and conservation of this important place, a Museum was created where information about the archaeological site and the visit to the ruins themselves is made available has a clearly marked path.