Fortress of Sagres and rose of the winds

Category: Monumentos

Sagres displays some of the most impressive landscapes in the Algarve. The force of nature is so strong at the southernmost tip of all continental Europe that visitors soon realize why the former settlers called it "sacred" because it was the starting point for Portuguese explorers in the fifteenth century to the unknown and how managed to maintain its fascinating natural beauty.
The history of Sagres was defined by its geographical location and the magnificent promontories of Sagres and Cape S. Vicente. The idea that the land ends here on these 50-meter-high promontories that plunge dramatically into the sea was a constant source of mystery and attraction for successive settlers in the region, as attested by the various vestiges of its presence. The most influential figure in the history of Sagres was Infante D. Henrique, who was inspired there to embark on his voyages of discovery, bringing fame to the region and leading to the foundation of Vila do Infante. Under his command, the area became a center of maritime activity, where cartographers, astronomers and sailors assembled, where caravels were built and where the exploration of the African coast began.