Category: Parques Temáticos

Mundo Aquático - Parques Oceanográficos de Entretenimento Educativo S.A., was founded in 1989 in the form of a public limited company.

In March 1997 it became a public limited company, having carried out an increase in capital in 2014 to the current 7,750,000 euros (seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand euros).

The main activity of the company resides in running theme parks inspired in marine life with a strong component of entertainment, leisure and environmental education.

The Zoomarine-Algarve theme park was opened on August 3rd 1991 and it is located in Guia, Albufeira in the heart of the main tourist region in Portugal.

To promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate manner.

To transport adults and children to a world of dream and fantasy, by creating unique emotions and moments that touch heart and awaken minds.